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Just order what you really need.

The defined aim of ECODRY is to do the best for the maintenance of your building. Therefore, ECODRY provides a mature technology which was developed in cooperation with approved capacities. This technology is easy and understandable to handle. At the same time it is as flexible that it can perfectly match to each object size and any building material combination. Thus the ECODRY system can dehumidify individually and effectively and has an excellent price-performance ratio.

  • If your building mainly consists of one building material, we recommend the "uni"-systems. If several building materials have been used, you can install the system "multi".
  • Wall dehumidification with our "Classic"-system will be sufficient when you have more or less a handle on your ventilation.
  • The "Comfort"dehumidification system takes over the airing of a time- or wet-controlled exhaust fan.
  • The "Premium"-system, as the name itself says, includes the best of what we have of ventilation systems: a climate-controlled exhaust air. The difference between the absolute humidity inside and outside is controlled by automatism. Property managements of larger objects choose this comfort, where no one can be responsible to take care of the problem basement ventilation.

An example for our "Classic"-system:

  • Single-family home 8 x 10 m = 80 sqm
    Price ECODRY Classic "uni": € 4.200 net; € 4.998 VAT included

And for a large town house:

  • Town house / multi-family house 10 x 16 m = 160 sqm
    Price ECODRY Classic "uni": € 8.320 net; € 9.900,80 VAT included
    Volume discount:
    : € 8.070,40 net; € 9.603,78 VAT included

We provide our ECODRY dehumidification service as an extensive package with the following content: object analysis, supporting consultation and system control, technical assembly, installation and connection to the existing power grid, initial measurement and subsequent start-up of the system, a second measurement after 12 months (all measurements will be implemented with the DARR method), dehumidification guarantee always at a fixed price.

Volume discount: >150 sqm 3%, >200 sqm 6%, >250 sqm auf Anfrage