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ECODRY advantages

Sustainable wall dehumidification with ECODRY systems has many key advantages: Personally, for your wallet and for your object.



ECODRY advantages for your wallet:

  • Increase in value of the object up to 25%
  • Low investment costs
  • Low utility costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy costs



ECODRY advantages for your object:

  • No earthworks
  • No major structural measures
  • More usable space in the basement
  • Chemical free, environmentally sustainable
  • Adjustment on the building material (s)
  • Sustainable refurbishment by treating the cause
  • Drying in a natural way



ECODRY advantages for you:

  • System installation only when the damage is solvable by ECODRY
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Quick and easy effect
  • Healthier living
  • Comfortable climate
Nachhaltige Mauerentfeuchtung mit dem ECODRY-System bringt viele entscheidende Vorteile: Für Ihren Geldbeutel, für Ihr Objekt und für Sie persönlich. (mehr)