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Remove mould

Combat successfully against mould - ECODRY goes back from the effect to the cause.

Mould always requires three conditions: the right room temperature, a food source (textiles, wallpaper, paste, wood, plastic, plaster, paint or dust) and especially moisture.
Moisture is the key factor in the mould formation. It must be turned off at first.

What you can see as mould on your wall is only a part of the problem. By now, invisible mould spores and mycotoxins are in the air and the "network" of mould, called mycelia, is in the masonry.
An evidence for this may be mouldy smell that occurs from the formation of mould.

Let an expert check, what kind of moisture is involved. Is it condensation damp by thermal bridges, ventilation errors or plastic windows? Or is it the moisture that enters out of walls, stating the classical capillary rising damp?

ECODRY specializes in a friendly and sustainable removal of humidity in rooms and on the professional dehumidification of masonries with capillary rising damp.

Talk to your local ECODRY consultant and he will advise you without obligation.