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Dehumidification of walls

Homeowners know the problem: Damp walls in the basement, which often occur in conjunction with mould, which is dangerous to health. Mouldy smell disturbs the joy of living, leaking salts and flaking plaster destroy valuable building structures. How you can combat damp walls and mould formation effectively? ECODRY deals successfully with these problems for many years and offers sustainable solutions.

Whether you want to change a wet basement into a usable space or worry as a monument conservator about old frescoes and plaster - ECODRY systems can be exactly adjusted to the particular material and to the specific needs of your property.

ECODRY systems are installed in thousands of objects - in many private homes as well as in Europe's valuable cultural goods. Talk to us - we have an extensive network of consultants throughout Germany and are present in almost all European countries.

Remove mould

Combat successfully against mould - ECODRY goes back from the effect to the cause.

Mould always requires three conditions: the right room temperature, a food source (textiles, wallpaper, paste, wood, plastic, plaster, paint or dust) and especially moisture.
Moisture is the key factor in the mould formation. It must be turned off at first.

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Mould in your house - a hazard to health and wallet.

Where mould is, is always damp. Experts differentiate between surface moisture and wall humidity. The so-called surface moisture is usually nothing more than condensation damp and has various causes: blocking plasters and paints, insulation without controlled ventilation, thermal bridges or bad airing.

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Return to the natural moisture of the building material.

The main reason for damp masonries and resulting moisture damages is capillary rising damp. ECODRY has specialized in a gentle but effective combat against capillary rising damp.

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Damp walls

Well-known and widely used:
Damp walls and humid masonry.

Humidity in buildings is a known and widespread problem. We differentiate between surface moisture and wall humidity.

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