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Dry walls, satisfied customers.

ECODRY wants satisfied customers. We can only achieve this, if we act responsible and do the best for the preservation and rehabilitation of your buildings.

What we do - we do with passion. We put ourselves in our customers’ position and work on a partnership-basis cooperation. The individual suitable solution for our customers has always priority.


ECODRY wants the highest technical quality. Therefore, our technology is constantly accompanied by professionally independent measurements and project controls by universities, colleges, MOT, building biologists and building experts.

ECODRY stands for professional competence. All of our consultants have many years of experience in dehumidifying walls and are committed to our distribution policies.

ECODRY stands for people skills. We use environmentally friendly technologies in the production and usage of our systems. Our systems are proven harmless for humans and animals.

We encourage entrepreneurs and young businessman with clear foundation concepts, widespread trainings and active support.

We support churchy and social projects by special price-performance models.

We appreciate a good working atmosphere and a fair cooperation with our local partners.