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Performance bond


Sincerity and transparency.

We only promise solutions, which we can also realize. Therefore, we attach great importance to a detailed appraisal of damage.

In approximately 80% of all cases, capillary rising moisture is the cause of damage. In these cases, we recommend the installation of an ECODRY system, as it was specifically designed for this type of rising damp. We can refer to thousands of successful testimonials of dehumidification.


The ECODRY-procedure is strictly standardized:

  • Check of walls according to our checklist
  • Measurement of wall humidity by experienced technicians by using the Darr-method.
  • Control measurement after 12 months
  • Final measurement after 36 months.

Walls with capillary rising damp – ECODRY promises:

  • Guaranteed success
  • Price guarantee
  • 20 years warranty on devices
  • No use of chemicals
  • No intervention to the structures
  • Confirmed harmlessness