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Our team


Each individual counts: The ECODRY team

Every company subsists on the strength of its employees. We feel blessed that we have suitable specialists in every area of ECODRY.



Berndt Müller-Hammerström, Executive Director

Phone: +49 8104 88 94 89-13

E-Mail: berndt.mueller-hammerstroem(at)




Klaus Breitenbach, Executive Director 

Phone: +49 8104 88 99-822

E-Mail: klaus.breitenbach(at)




Petra Grasso, Business Director

Phone: +49 8104 88 99-822

E-Mail: petra.grasso(at)



Wolfgang Büsch, Dipl. Kfm. Steuerberater

Büsch & Neugebauer Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
Morassistraße 20, 80469 München
Telefon: +49 89 202419-40

Support in all tax matters.


Werner Büsch, Advisor

Phone:_ +49 8104 8899-822

E-Mail: buesch(at)

Independent consultant for KMU since 1972. Known for over 1200 lectures to guilds, banks and associations. Developer of the first nationwide coaching for entrepreneurs. Hundreds of consultations in and for family businesses. At ECODRY: responsible for research and development.