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How ECODRY works

Base is the electro-cybernetic system for dehumidifying walls developed by ECODRY. It affects the molecular structure of water and causes several key effects.

wie-funktioniertThe electro-cybernetic system of wall dehumidification developed and produced by ECODRY, uses the effect of dynamic magnetic field sequences, which affects the molecular structure of water in masonries.
The ECODRY system influences density, evaporation behaviour and surface tension of the water. The ECODRY system captures the force of the capillary rising feature of water.

The ECODRY system operates according to a strict maintenance plan:

  • Inventory by trained ECODRY consultants, evaluation of moisture damages and development of a rehabilitation concept
  • Initial measurement, system installation and technical advice by technicians
  • Control measurement after 12 months
  • Final measurement after 36 months