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ECODRY: Traditionally dry walls.

At ECODRY, the development and production of reliable electro-physical devices were originally in the foreground.


1981: Technisches Büro Friedrich (TBF) starts the production of electro-physical devices.

1998: Foundation of ECODRY Vertriebs GmbH in Kapellenstraße in 82022 Unterhaching with partners Konrad Friedrich and Hanswerner Fronius.

2002: Consulting engagement to business consultancy BÜSCH, Sauerlach.
Strategic realignment.

2003: Werner Büsch´s entry as sales and marketing manager.
Acquisition of SKM (Mr. Karwath)
Foundation of the ECODRY-partnership Italy with Mr. Martinelli, Verona.
First business activities with engineer Peter Vlcek, Prague.

2004: Moving to Tegernseer Landstraße 33 in 82054 Sauerlach.
Beginning of the partnership with Mr. Zollner, from BEA Linz, Austria.
First business activities with Yani Cilingiroglou, Glyfada-Athens, Greece.
Development of the BIODOM-concept by Werner Büsch
Werner Büsch´s entry as a partner (49%) and managing director.
Beginning of a cooperation with Mr. Björnvig, ZODIAK Stenloese, Denmark.

2005: Willingness of ECOZON I, first AEROZONING-tests
Development of ECODRY Sigma with initial application in a guest house in S. Lucia di Battipaglia, Naples
Development of ECODRY DELTA II

2006: Moving to the industrial area Sauerlach, Mühlweg 1
Development of ECODRY ZETA: first system with weak current connection and completely new coil technology
Co-foundation of Biodom e.V. - Initiative for healthy living
Presentation of the world premiere ECODRY ZETA SUN: first solar system for the dehumidification of masonries at the DENKMAL fair in Leipzig
Development of ECOZON II: 5-fold greater ozone generator to combat mould and mould spores and for hygienisation of residential and industrial properties
Beginning of a cooperation with Mr. Lebar, Slovenia
Beginning of a cooperation with Mr. Hocke, France.

2007: Memorial exhibition in Dubai with first project contacts
Beginning of a cooperation with Lou Bemelmans and Rob Luijten, BEDI Vochttechniek, Netherlands
New Partnership for Italy with Rossano de Rosa, Milan
Beginning of a partnership with HUMICONTROL Spain, first installations of ECODRY systems in the Barcelona area.

2008: Foundation of ECODRY Italia SRL in Milan

2009: Market entry with ECODRY ZETA III, the world's first system with parameters for up to four different building materials.
2011: Foundation of ECODRY Austria GmbH in Salzburg
Jürgen Krauss becomes sales manager
Berndt Müller-Hammerström becomes technical manager.
2012: Jürgen Krauss displaces Konrad Friedrich as managing director