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Recognized in Germany. Internationally estimated.

The company ECODRY Systeme GmbH operates in the field of sustainable masonry restoration and specializes in developing solutions for high-quality dehumidification of masonries. ECODRY has been operating successfully for many years in the rehabilitation of single-family homes, multi-family houses, industrial buildings, churches and public buildings (schools, town halls, etc.) as well as national and international monuments.

ECODRY is a German company based in Sauerlach near Munich. ECODRY is privately held, has grown over the years, representing nationwide and internationally. Our thinking is open and visionary, our work professionally and reliably, our acting fair and flexible.

ECODRY has the stated goal to take on social responsibility with their products and services and to do the best for the preservation of a building.

The focus of our work lies in the combat against the so-called capillary rising wall humidity - it's a good 80% of all cases the main cause of rising damp in buildings that are older than 25-30 years.
ECODRY products are characterized by mature technology, extremely long life and high reliability. They are easy and flexible to use and offer a unique price-performance ratio.

ECODRY works exclusively with trained personnel.

Our partners worldwide

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Together we are stronger.

For years now, a network of ECODRY partners and consultants has been creating a world-wide reputation.

Here you can see an overview of our partners at home and abroad.


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ECODRY-Consultants Germany          Country
Reinhold Gradl Austraße 6 96215 Lichtenfels Germany
Josef Kornschober Probacher Straße 53 53783 Eitorf Germany
Walter Pesak Hügelstraße 10 90574 Roßtal Germany
Rudolf Irlacher Bergstraße 19 83362 Surberg Germany
Christian Mair Kaldener Straße 32 87452 Altusried Germany
Klaus Breitenbach/Michael Born Lehenweg 16 97846 Partenstein Germany
Wolfgang Füß Neipperger Straße  14 74080 Heilbronn Germany
Klaus Schörner Nelkenstraße 14 95234 Sparneck Germany
ECODRY-Key-Account-Manager Germany          
Eberhard Dier Kotzinger Straße 2 83278 Traunstein Germany
ECODRY-Network partners Germany , Manfred Wagner Nachtigallenweg 14 67368 Westheim Germany
Malerbetrieb Florian Epple, Florian Epple Brückenweg 7 83329 Waging am See Germany
HTR Service GmbH, Dipl.-Betriebswirt Roman Gnyp Porschestr. 21 84030 Landshut Germany
Betonabdichtung Gstatter, Anton Gstatter Au 16 83324 Ruhpoldung Germany
Hermann Reitthaler GmbH, Hermann Reitthaler Gewerbestraße 7 83346 Bergen/Bernhaupten Germany
Schreinerei Gerhard Huber, Gerhard Huber Rausch 8 83362 Surberg Germany
Malerbetrieb Josef Sappl Raiffeisenstraße 16 83607 Holzkirchen Germany
HEIMA Heizungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Josef Spotka Au 1 83362 Surberg Germany
Malerbetrieb Markus Koll, Markus Koll Hofreitstrasse 23 83471 Schönau am Königsee Germany
Werkmarkt Georg Huber e.K, Georg Huber Fichtenweg 16 83329 Waging am See Germany
ECODRY-Network partners international          
ECODRY Italia Srl, Direttore Rossano De Rosa Via Venezia 11 20830 Bovisio Masciago Italy
Ecodry j.d.o.o 31000 Osjiek Croatia
Kayron GmbH, Gottfried Scheidl Oberer Markt 10 3361 Aschbach Markt Austria
HIC SUNT LEONES LTD, Ivo Galfré P. O. Box 2132-00502, Nandi road 66 502 Karen, Nairobi Kenya
Ecodry SI, Tomaž Šerbec s.p. Brstje 58 2250 Ptuj Slovenia
HOCKE Unternehmensberatung UG, Gregor Hocke Brunnenstraße 66 67661 Kaiserslautern Germany
Export Stone France (ESF), Didier Carme Rue de la Richarde 30 81200 Mazamet France
BMS Sarl, Bernhard Ponson rue de Bruxelles 40 69100 Villeurbanne France
HUMIPROTEC SARL, Pascal Dalibot Avenue Du General de Gaulle 114 35131 Chartres de Bretagne France
Heritage & Preservation Solutions Ltd., Desmond Murray, Harri Kaiser Baldonell Road     Clondalkin Co. Dublin Ireland
ECO Danmark IVS, Maria und Morten Heesch Kongensgade 16 6200 Aabenraa Denmark
R & R grupa SIA, Nauris Reiters Dārza iela 2 LV-1007 Riga Latvia
ECO Danmark IVS, Maria und Morten Heesch     Edinburgh Scotland
Ecodry Nordic Oy, Mårten Eriksson Vesikuja 1 2200 Espoo Finland, Werner Rusterholz Industriestrasse 41 8625 Gossau Schwitzerland
BEDI Vochttechniek, Rob Luijten De Steeg 24 6333 AP Schimmert Netherlands
Aquatec vochtbestrijding, Armand van der Stukken Vissersstraat 1/K4 500 Hasselt Belgium
Humicontrol SL, Ramon Mestre c/ Padilla interior 240 8013 Barcelona Spain
ECODRY Italia Srl       Valetta Malta
ECODRY Italia Srl     100 Athen Greece
Ecodry Nordic Oy, Mårten Eriksson       Oslo Norway
Ecodry Nordic Oy, Mårten Eriksson       Stockholm Schweden

ECODRY Partner in Croatia

Our Croatian Partner

The ECODRY systems GmBH works with the following partner in Croatia:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ECODRY in Slovenia

The ECODRY systems GmbH works with the following partners in Slovenia:

Spletna stran je v izdelavi

Contact: Tomaž Šerbec

Mobile: (00386) 031 621 594
E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ECODRY Partner i Danmark

Affugtning med ECODRY- aldrig mere lugt, fugt og våde vægge 

ECODRY er jeres kvalificerede producent af den patenterede ECODRY løsning, til affugtning af vægge og bygningsværker. Succesen med ECODRY omfatter den ideelle blanding af traditionelt udviklede teknologier, innovative komponenter fra computerteknologier samt god gammeldags erfaring og know how, fra bevaringsværdige bygninger internationalt. ECODRY fungerer uden kemikalier og uden opgravning. Systemet er miljøvenlig og fleksibel overfor enhver type byggemateriale og enhver objektstørrelse ECODRY opfylde behovene hos sine kunder. Derfor står vi for den højeste kvalitet, professionel service og værdi for pengene.


ECODRY Partner
Tlf: +45 6145 0110
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dry walls, satisfied customers.

ECODRY wants satisfied customers. We can only achieve this, if we act responsible and do the best for the preservation and rehabilitation of your buildings.

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Performance bond


Sincerity and transparency.

We only promise solutions, which we can also realize. Therefore, we attach great importance to a detailed appraisal of damage.

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Our team


Each individual counts: The ECODRY team

Every company subsists on the strength of its employees. We feel blessed that we have suitable specialists in every area of ECODRY.

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ECODRY: Traditionally dry walls.

At ECODRY, the development and production of reliable electro-physical devices were originally in the foreground.

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How ECODRY works

Base is the electro-cybernetic system for dehumidifying walls developed by ECODRY. It affects the molecular structure of water and causes several key effects.

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