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Architects and planners

Refurbish sustainably by an efficient dehumidification of walls.


The refurbishment of buildings with moisture damages is always a big challenge for architects and planners. ECODRY Systeme GmbH is a competent provider of sophisticated solutions for high-quality dehumidification of masonries and specializes in a gentle but effective combat against capillary rising damp.

ECODRY system description:

1. The ECODRY technology is gentle and without any harm to humans and animals. The low-frequency impulses of our magnetic field are flexibly controllable and extremely gentle.

2. The ECODRY technology works without difficult technics or chemicals. There is no destructive intervention within substances of an object.

3. The ECODRY technology dries objects permanently.

Successful dehumidification -
documented by a controlled measurement process.

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1. Failure analysis and initial measurement
The ECODRY consultant examines the damage and checks whether the ECODRY technology is the right problem solution. The ECODRY technician gets an intense picture of structural conditions and the moisture situation. If the humidity measurement shows respective values, he mounts and installs the technology, adjusts the individual parameters and reboots the system.

2. Control measurement
After 12 months (on request earlier), the technician checks the progress of the dehumidification process. Of course, you will receive guidance throughout the subjects: salt efflorescences, plaster and paint damages.

3. Final measurement
By now, 36 months after installation, the guaranteed performance of dehumidification can be proven.